We are a supplier of wide range of Laboratory and Process Analytical Instruments to multiple Industries such as Food and Beverages, Pharma, Chemical, Steel, Cements. Our array of products include reputed Global Makes like Eutech, Mettler Toledo, Hach, EI, Labline, Thermo Scientific, Merck, Contech, Himedia, Adam Equipment. The following are the list of products that we deal with.

Instruments :

pH Meter

Eutech pH700 pH Meter with ATC

Conductivity Meter

Turbidity Meter



Weighing/Analytical Balances

Flame Photometer

Viscosity Meter


Hot Air Oven

Moisture Analyzer

Online Water Quality Monitoring Systems for ETP/STP/WTP

Reagents and Chemicals :

Calibration standard solutions


Microbiology Media